VA Disability

 VA Disability benefits and benefits for individual unemployability are payments, access to VA medical care, insurance and a host of other benefits and programs available to individuals who meet the guidelines of the Veterans Benefits Administration under Title 38 of the United States Code. They are different from Social Security Disability, SSI and Retirement benefits, and may have offsetting provisions. Unlike SSA claims, which pay only for people who are unable to work under the rules, VA Disability benefits can be payable for ratings from 10% for service-connected disability to well above 100% with payments to family members for care provided to the veteran. In certain cases benefits can be paid to veterans who are disabled by non service-connected conditions whose service meets certain rules. Veterans, their survivors and families can get help from attorneys, non-attorney representatives, volunteer groups, veterans’ service organizations or state veterans affairs officers. In order to win your claim for benefits, you must successfully navigate the process from initial claim, through the Regional Office reviews and hearings, Board of Veteran’s Appeals Judge hearings and appeals to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims and Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit if necessary. To win, you must provide medical records, well-supported nexus opinions and other evidence proving disability and service connection. The VA may obtain evidence that your medical conditions are not severe or disabling, and call your credibility into question. We assist our clients by obtaining your medical, psychological, school and employment records to support your claim. We work with your doctors and/or examiners and specialists to obtain the professional opinions needed to satisfy the regulations. We go to your hearing with you, and question you and any other witnesses and experts testifying to support or refute your claim. If your claim is denied, we will handle your appeals. There is no cost or obligation to meet with you and evaluate your disability claim. Call us at (731) 660-5691 or email